Baja Kampvention

Serenity by the Sea



20th Annual

July 17, 18, & 19th, 2015
"Great Events Come to Pass"

See map page for directions!

Directions: Take the US highway 5 or 805 south (the 5 and 805 merge into each other just before the San Ysidoro border crossing.  If you do not need to declare anything for customs, you should continue on through the border crossing without pulling off to the right for customs.  NOTE: If the border officials “red light” you, meaning they flash the red light as opposed to the green when you cross the border, this means they want to pull you over for a custom inspection.  This is nothing to worry about, just pull over into the customs lane (the border authorities will wave you over).  Almost all RV’s  and vehicles with trailers will be asked to go through customs, so if you have an RV or trailer you should plan to go directly into the customs lane.  This is usually a quick and painless process of allowing the border officials to visually inspect the contents of your vehicle and trailer.  If you are respectful and polite everything will go smoothly. Once through the border crossing, you need to get immediately into the right lane(s)and stay in those lanes.

Set your trip odometer at 0.00. There are a number of quick turnoffs and merging lanes, but if you stay calm, drive slowly, and stay in the right lane , you will be in the correct lane to make the turnoff to the Ensenada toll road.  As the highway curves to the right, look for the Ensenada road sign on your right. It says Ensenada Rosarito Scenic Road. Since you’ve crossed the boreder you’ve gone less than .2 (2 tenths) of a mile.  As you catch this exit (it comes very quickly while you are on this cloverleaf type overpass) you’ll be going down to the road curving first right and then left into the road that you now will bw taking towards the toll (Cuoto) road. 
After basically paralleling the border going west slightly uphill you’ll be merging at a right turnoff (2.9 miles from the border) after which you will be going uphill again towards the ocean.  You’ll see signs that say Rosarito Cuoto. Once you see the ocean and the road curves south (parallel to the ocean) you’ll want to stay in the left lane because at 5.0 miles from the border there will be another road sign saying Rosarito Cuoto and Ensenada Cuoto) and a little further on Autopista Ensenada.
At 6.1 miles from the border you’ll be going thru the old (closed) toll booth gates) and a chance to use the BANOS (Bathrooms) immediately to the right after going thru the toll booth.  The new toll booth and ($2.25 as of April) happens at mile # 6.9 (or 6.4) (can’t read my scribbling). You will go thru two more toll booths , each at $2.25, tone at mile marker (from the border) 22.6  while in Rosarito and the other one at mile marker 60.4 (the north suburbs of Ensenada).
As you come into Ensenada and can see across the bay you’ll see a pointy mountain ahead and to the right . . .that’s your destination. Stay on the 2 lane road going south and at 65.7 miles from the border stay on the right where the road splits and the signs say Zona Turista and San Quintin. At 67.7 miles at a traffic light go straight not left not right not Ensenada Centro just straight. For the next 1.4 miles you are on the main bar/nightclub/hotel road parallel to the harbor and at 69.1 miles (3rd or 4th light and about 4 stop (ALTO) signs) you will make a left into Blvd. Lazaro Cardenes (after you pass the Angus Beef Steak House on the right and if you would turn right at this intersection you’d be in the Mexican Navy.
ONE HALF OF A MILE later on Cardenas you’ll be making a right at Avenida Reforma.  You can’t miss this one because you just passed a giant department-type store and the road sign will give you the first direction to La Bufadora/San Quintin. You should have 69.6 miles on your tripometer by now.  For the next 8.4 miles you’ll be heading south past an Army Base (El Cipres) at 72.7 miles and some open fields and at 78 miles from the border at a traffic signal you will make a right (there is a sign that says and points to La Bufadora 21 km.  This asphalt road “meanders” south and west for exactly 10 miles until you see the Welcome you made it RANCHO PACKARD (and hopefully a BAJA KAMPVENTION ) signs on the right. You’ve traveled 88.0 +/- miles into Mexico.
During the last 10 miles just stay on the asphalt road, don’t make a right at the only paved turnoff at mile 84.5 to Punta Estero, and Do slow down for the traffic “Bumps” on the road at mile markers 84.2, 84.5, 85.6 and 85.8 .. they are doooossiees and teeth fillings have been known to PoP.  We also hope to have a few  signs consisting of the familiar circle/triangle with BK superimposed along the routes.  See if you can spot them and let us know how many you saw…..and don’t forget “mileage “signs in Mexico are in kilometers. So unless you are a whiz in math…..stick with my estimates.

What to expect at Baja Kampvention:
  Unless you plan ahead for Hotel/Motel or House rental camping here is strictly primitive.  Clean showers and toilets are available, however there are no hook-ups, tables or grilles.  Rancho Packard is a private secure seaside community that has opened its grounds to BAJA KAMPVENTION every year.  Our continued use of the grounds is contingent on our respect and good will of the residents property and privacy. Let’s not blow it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel tips and ideas:

  • Make sure that everyone has identification (This includes a valid drivers or military license and a certified birth certificate or a US Passport) and vehicles have valid registration (including all ATV’s, trailers and RVs)
  • Mexico Insurance: Don’t leave home without it.  Check online or with your US carrier, the phone book or call 1 800 345 4701 for a free quote.
  • Top off you gas tank before entering Mexico
  • Leave pets at home.  It is easier and safer.
  • Check you cell phone coverage with you provider
  • Due to the dangerous and unprotected cliffs camping with toddlers should be done at alternative campgrounds at nearby La Jolla.
  • Exchanging US Dollars is an option but not necessary.
  • Be prepared for toll road fees (about 15 to 16 dollars for the round trip)
  • Make your road trip a party.  Traveling with more than one vehicle is safer and more enjoyable.  Consider renting a larger van for larger groups.
  • Don’t have a kayak?  Look in the phone book.  Many outfitters rent all the gear you need.
  • Drive on the right except when you pass someone (that’s what that left lane is for…passing…and you will notice that most locals (remember we are the foreigners here) do follow the rules.